Monday, January 22, 2018

Room 103 Happenings!

The highlight of learning about our friends blankets, quilts and afghans continues to be the measuring experiences!  We really like measuring the area of the blankets with kindergartners!

It is also super fun to play 20 questions and learn about the items we are sharing.  Most of us like to sleep with our special blanket.

January has had lots of birthday celebrations.

We learned about octupus and fish and are ready for our trip to the New England Aquarium!  A special thank you to Mr. Papadonis, retired Burlington Science Center teacher who came to share his super fish presentation!

Ms. Fallon, Pine Glen's art teacher recently invited us to her room for a directed are lesson in which we drew and colored beautiful flowers.  Families, be sure to watch for flyers about how you can purchase our creations through the PTO fundraiser!

We are writers and readers!  During the month of January we have explored procedural writing.  Recent projects have been focused on the steps involved in getting ready to go outside during the winter months.  Soon we will be writing about how to build a snowman!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Volunteer Opportunities Abound!

With some special events in the future, room 103 is seeking additional volunteers to join us.

- January 26 - 8:45 - 9:10 - Parents As Partners Reading time!

- February 14 - Valentine's Day celebration - Please join us 8:45 - 11:00 as we celebrate Valentine's Day!

- February 16 - 100th Day celebration - depending upon mother nature this is the day we hope to celebrate our 100th day of kindergarten - volunteers would be helpful 9:15 - 11:00.

-March 23 - 8:45 - 9:10 - Parents As Partners Reading time!

-May 25 - 8:45 - 9:10 - Parents As Partners Reading time!

Contact Mrs. Hoyt if you are able to join us for any of these upcoming events!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Quilt Sharing and Making

Kindergartners have been hard at work this month.  We have been sharing about ourselves when presenting our blankets and quilts from home.  In turn, classmates work together to create beautiful paper quilts that represent us.  Students work in teams of 5 or 6 to illustrate one friend's favorite color, family and career goals.

Students have also been creating personal dictionaries!  This opportunity allows students to apply writing skills and reinforce letter sound knowledge as well as demonstrate their coloring and creative capabilities.

Sharing our special items with the 20 questions game and then measuring our blankets and quilts continues to be a daily highlight!
We love measuring the area of the blankets with kindergarten bodies!

We measured the area of Archit's blanket and it was 18 kindergartners sitting up!

Wipes Needed

Room 103 does everything it can to contain messes and germs.  We have been consuming wipes at a rapid rate and are running low.  Additional donations of wipe containers would be most appreciated!

We Are Readers!

Reading Groups are beginning in room 103!  For many of us this is a very special time!  Students enjoy the opportunity to work in small groups with a teacher.  They show so much pride in the accomplishment of reading and love to share this skill at home.

Each time students work in a small reading group they will be sent home with a reading pouch and be given the direction to do additional reading at home.  Typically beginning readers are told to read the book at home multiple times.  They can read to a parent or sibling, a stuffed animal or pet or even to someone on the telephone or via a face time conversation!  Reading the familiar text will help students build fluency and confidence!

We practice attending to what we are reading by previewing our books and looking at the pictures, hunting for familiar words and attempting to decode some tricky words before we read.  Then we keep our focus on one word at a time by using our fingers as a guide as we read the words!  Our teachers try to give us books that are the "just right" challenge to help us read!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jumping Into January!

The return to school following our December break has been busy, despite having a holiday and a couple of snow days!  We jumped right back into our learning routines! We reached the 50% point with our online math program, ST Math and Jiji the penguin sent us a postcard with a whale!  These are exciting milestones.  Each time Jiji sends us a post card we learn about another animal and a part of the world!  When we reach our next goal of 60% we will receive a postcard of a whooping crane, North America's tallest bird!

Students have begun sharing their special cozy items from home.  We have seen blankets and quilts in many different shapes and sizes.

We work together to measure the length, width and area!
Rods are used to measure the length and width, but kindergartners are the tool we use to measure the area!  The area of this blanket is 6 kindergartners sitting up!

 Room 103's mathematicians have been writing and solving equations involving addition and are already becoming fluent with some of the math facts to 5!

In addition to addition we have been learning to write the upper case letters and have already covered A-G! Ask your kindergartners about tapping out the sounds to words....we are readers and can read cvc words! (consonant, vowel, consonant)  We have begun to create personal dictionaries, have illustrated a book of winter poems and are learning about animals that live in the sea!

In our short time together we have also sung happy birthday to 3 friends!  Happy Birthday to Terry, Archit and Enyi!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Support the Burlington Education Foundation

The BEF (Burlington Education Foundation) needs your help!

Room 103 has received grants and support from the BEF this year. Check out the BEF blog to learn about other grants that have been funded.  Prior to working at Pine Glen Mrs. Hoyt was heavily involved and a founding member of the BEF. 

The organization is looking for several new members to serve in a variety of roles:

School Liaison:  Ideally, one liaison for each school who would serve as a conduit between the BEF and the school by delivering STAR Awards to the principal and by keeping the BEF aware of what is happening at the school such at PTO events, picnics, etc.

Event Committee Members:  (for Trivia Night and the 5K Road Race) Looking for people to help out in a variety of ways:  set up/clean up, solicitation of donors, coordinating with sponsors, etc.

Contact the BEF Board of Directors