Thursday, May 24, 2018

Give Them A Break!

Room 103 students wrote persuasive letters to Mr. Lyons in an attempt to have him give the teachers a break.  He was so impressed with their writing that he decided to give all the teachers and all the students a day off on Monday, May 28.  Coincidentally it is also Memorial Day! Have a lovely long weekend and Memorial Day with your families!

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Our teachers are great!  They need a day off. We learned to count to 100 by ones to 100 and please give them a break.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Our teachers are great!  They need a day off. We learned songs and did 100% on ST Math.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
I have learned a lot. I also know how to count to 100. Mr. Lyons please, pretty, pretty please give the teachers a break.   A, b, c, …..z, 1, 2,.....10.

Dear Mr.  Lyons,
Please give them a break.  We learned everything!

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Our teachers are great!  They need a day off. We know lots of stuff like counting to 100 by tens, tricks of the trade for writing, ABCs, hot colors, cold colors, pastels, landscapes, how to use good manners, how to tooty-ta.
Love Charlotte.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
I love our teachers.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Please let the teachers take a break because we learned about a lot of things.  We know A,B,C,D and we know the tricks of the trade and we know how to follow the classroom rules.
Love Enyi

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Let the teachers have a break.  I learned 100+100 = 200, 200 +300 = 500.  Please give Miss Miliano and Mrs. Hoyt a break.
Love, Jake

Dear Mr. Lyons,
I know you are a boss but I’m going to fill your heart with love.  I learn a lot.
Love, Luke

Dear Mr. Lyons,
My teachers need a day off.  We have learned how to count.  Please give it to them.

Mr. Lyons
I learned.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
The teachers need a break. We learned to count to 100 by ones and we learned to be good friends.  We learned ST Math.
They need a break.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Please let the teachers take a break because we learned everything.  We know tricks of the trade and we learned ABCDs and we know to follow classroom rules.
Love, Sofia

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Can you please give all the teachers a day off.  I know the tricks of the trade. I know how to have fun.  We know how to sing and to write three dimensional and two dimensional shapes and math.  I learned.

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Our teachers need a day off.  We learned reading. We learned how to count numbers to 100 and I learned tricks of the trade.
Love Tommy

Dear Mr. Lyons,
Our teachers are great.  They need a day off. We learned to count to 100 and spelling and we learned to write well and to draw.


All A Flutter

We are all a flutter with excitement in Room 103 as our reading program continues!  We have enjoyed guest readers who are classmates and also readers who are first grade friends.  All are doing a great job!

We are also thrilled to witness the metamorphosis of not only our readers but of our caterpillars into butterflies!  This week they hatched and we watched them fly off when we released them.

At times it was hard to spot the butterflies.  Students explained that was because of camouflage!

After the butterflies flew off we students had an opportunity to fly across the field!

Pine Glen Walkathon

Kindergartners will be participating in their first Pine Glen Walkathon on Friday, May 25!  See information from the PTO blog:

2018 Pine Glen Walk-A-Thon

by Pine Glen PTO
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.25.41 PM
On Friday, May 25, 2018, Pine Glen will be having its 4th annual walkathon and all students (K-5) are invited to participate! The goals of this event are to have fun,  promote physical fitness, and build school spirit – all while raising valuable funds for Pine Glen. Each student will be given a Pine Glen Walk-a-thon t-shirt with the image shown.
Pledge forms went home last week with the students and are due back on Friday, June 1, 2018.
To make a donation online:
A note about fundraising for our school:
The PTO has received feedback from parents that they would like to see more fundraising events where the donations go directly to our school without selling merchandise. Also, our PTO does not collect dues.  Please consider this when sponsoring one or more students at this walkathon promoting athleticism. Aside from a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the Burlington Food Pantry, 100% of the funds will go directly to Pine Glen!
  • Field trips
  • Enrichment activities
  • Fifth Grade moving-up expenses
  • Field Day
  • Family events
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Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano are looking forward to walking with students!  Please send students to school in sneakers.  Apply sunscreen at home.  We will have our snack after the walk as we anticipate everyone being hungry and thirsty!  Please send a snack and plenty of water.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Supplies Needed!

Room 103 Families,

We need empty toilet paper rolls.  Next Tuesday, May 29 we will be participating in our Protect the Popsicle challenge and we are in need of toilet paper rolls.  Please consider sending in some rolls between now and then.

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Room 103 Guest Readers!

The Room 103 Guest Reader program continues as many students have offered to read a book to the class.  This activity has helped to build confidence in readers and has allowed friends to be supportive and give lots of compliments. 

Today we welcomed Ryan to share a book with the class.  Reading alongside Mrs. Pandolfo, he read a Dr Seuss favorite, Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb!

Supporting An Imagination and Encouraging Creative Minds!

Over the past few days we have read books in which the characters have created things using simple resources and their imaginations.  We discussed how valuable an imagination is when teamed up with a desire to plan and create something.  We made connections to careers that rely upon creativity, imagination and good planning.  Some shared about parents' jobs such as engineers.

Then we took on the role of creative designers!  After reading the story, Not A Box by Antoinette Portis students were presented a pile a boxes of various sizes.  They were challenged to  come up with an idea and a plan to achieve the "building" of it with the box they selected.

We then read, Building Up: A Celebration of Building by Christie Hale before students went to work building and assembling their creations.  We enjoyed comparing the real life creations in the book the child-spirited creations of sandcastles, Lego buildings, blanket forts and more!

 Everyone worked hard and created a wide range of things.  We build treasure chests, robots, gardens, jewelry boxes,  castles and even a unicorn!  It is amazing what a creative eye can envision!

To wrap up this mini project we had an opportunity to share our project with peers.  Our final step was one of reflection in which we recorded our thoughts on the process of designing and building. 

This experience of building an open ended project was a fun way for us to prepare for the engineering challenge of creating a shelter that will keep a popsicle from melting when we participate in the protect the popsicle challenge next week!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Welcome Joyeeta!

Room 103 welcomed a new friend to our classroom today.  Welcome Joyeeta!  We are excited to share our classroom with her and to teach her all about kindergarten and Pine Glen.