Friday, March 23, 2018

We love books!

If you are interested in reading a good book.  You should visit us!

We are crazy about books!  Room 103 loves to read and was lucky enough to have parents in to read with us today.  

Not only do we enjoy a good book, we also want to share it with you!  As persuasive writers we created posters to convince you to read our books and then even recorded mini commercials! Thank you to the Pine Glen Learning Commons Teachers for helping us create these!   Please preview our commercials below!  

Our posters will be on display in the library to help persuade future library customers to consider selecting one of our favorite books!

Here is the list of books we would recommend:






Tuesday, March 20, 2018

BEF raffle

The Burlington Education Foundation is pleased to announce:

2018 BEF Spring Grand Raffle

Hello BEF Supporter,

Please consider purchasing a Spring Raffle ticket to support the BEF. Your donation will help fund grant requests for creative and innovative curriculum enrichment programs.

*** Prize Values Exceed $5,000 - Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors ***

Grand Prize – The Bancroft: Private Dining 4-Course Dinner & Wine Pairing for 10 ($1,600 value)
2nd Prize – The Capital Grille: Private Dining 4-Course Dinner & Wine Pairing for 6 ($1,000 value)
3rd Prize – Seasons 52: Chef’s Table 7-Course Private Room Dinner for 10 ($1,000 value)
4th Prize – Strega Prime: Chef Tasting with Wine Pairing Dinner for 6 ($1,000 value)
5th Prize – Kings BowlingPrivate Group Bowling Party & Food ($1,000 value)

Raffle tickets can be purchased online through our secure donation website at the link below.

Thank you and good luck!

The Burlington Education Foundation

Friday, March 16, 2018

Recent Activities Recap

The beginning of March has been anything but uneventful!  We have been happy to have time together to celebrate birthdays, Dr. Seuss, our love of school and reading.  However the weather could leave us low on energy.  As. P. explained to us, all living things need energy!  We learned about the details of how our visiting snake gains energy and then witnessed it as it unhinged its jaw and swallowed a mouse hole!  It was exciting!

To generate some energy and enthusiasm for a fundraising event held at BHS on March 16, the Harlem Superstars sent one of their athletes over to demonstrate some ball handling skills during lunch.  Allie was invited to plan with him!

Mrs. Hoyt challenged the room 103 scientists to hypothesize what would happen when we add food coloring to some paper towels dipped in water.  We discussed primary colors and what happens when they are mixed together.  We will be making scientific observations when we return to school after the weekend!  

Within a few hours, the colors were creeping up the paper towels and mixing!  We were so excited about the mixed up colors that we created color mixing charts.  When you mix 2 primary colors you create a secondary color!

Adding to the excitement of the start of March we have been exchanging mystery messages with a Leprechaun.  Today we recieved lots of treats that included tatoos, hats, pins and bracelets along with more gold coins!  We sure do feel lucky to be in room 103.

Leprechaun math was fun!  We counted the number of images on the card.

Terry's mom helped us with the Numba Rumba book!

When we finish our assigned tasks we select a challenge from the bins.  Building words with the puzzle is always fun.

March has certainly come in like a lion!  Mrs. Hoyt told the children she is ready for spring and invited them to create some persuasive poems enticing Mother Nature to transition to spring!  The students were not united in this thinking and chose to write about the season they would prefer.  Some invited Spring to come and other suggest that Winter should stay.

Either way, our persuasive writers made some good points......fingers crossed that March transitions to the lamb phase soon!  We miss our kindergarten friends when the snowy weather keeps us home!

BEF Road Race

We Are Lucky!

Lucky Learners!

We have been the lucky host of a visiting leprechaun over the past couple of weeks.  Students have been deciphering notes left with tricky messages with lots of missing letters.  Cian, the leprechaun challenged us to write persuasive letters to convince him to hide his treasure in our classroom.  Some days we find leprechaun dust, coins and pins left behind! This lead to a discussion about why we are lucky. Here are our thoughts:

I am lucky because:
Man, Character, Shamrock ...
I have gold and another kind of shamrock.
I have great teachers.
I like gold from the leprechaun.
I have friends at wrestling.
My Auntie loves me.
I can have ice-cream.
I like animals and I have good teachers.
I have lots of money in my piggie bank.
I build with my Legos.
I have friends.
I was star of the week.
At home I have a gold coin.

And, Ms. Miliano and Mrs. Hoyt know they are lucky because they get spend our days with our wonderful students!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Special Supplies Request

We could use a few of your discards:

If you happen to have any small jewelry or trinket boxes please consider donating them to use for a future project.

Voss Water bottles would also be terrific.  If you happen to drink Voss water and have some bottles we would like to gather 6 of them.

Thank you!

Snow Day Fun and Learning on March 14

Rayan is demonstrating his reading abilities by reading to Lynn!

Rayan and his sister, Lynn enjoyed the snow days.  They played with bubbles, did some cooking and measuring, enjoyed a good book (Puss in Boots), and had fun together both inside and out!

Ryan and Rowan enjoyed each other's company too!  They played and worked together.  Impressive writing!  Kindergartners are doing a great job practicing their first and last names and all the letters!