Monday, November 20, 2017

Feasting With Friends!

Our lunch time was a little different today.  All students from the 3 kindergarten classroom were mixed together and given an opportunity to meet and chat with new friends while eating.  It gave us all an opportunity to practice our good manners in preparation for our holiday celebrations with families later this week and throughout the holiday season!

Each student created a special place mat that helped them determine where they would sit.

Happy Thanksgiving Kindergarten

This morning we celebrated Thanksgiving with our kindergarten friends and neighbors.  We joined together to sing and then ate with one another.  This is the first of multiple posts.

The first song we sang together was I'm A Little Turkey.  That was followed by Albuqurque Turkey

Students very much enjoy singing Timothy Turkey and signing as they sing Thanks A Lot!

Our day was full of fun turkey activities like the turkey dance sight word game!  We have much to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Over The River....

A special thank you to Charlotte's mom, Pine Glen music teacher, Mrs. Agati who visited us this morning and presented the story, Over The River And Through The Wood by L Maria Child by singing the words to us!

The story was a perfect, seasonal connection to our upcoming holiday.  Friends in room 103 have been practicing greetings, social etiquette and appropriate conversation for  events such as a Thanksgiving get together!  

In the story we learned that many years ago people had to travel my a different means when they went to visit family.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thank You Bruins!

Students loved the presentation by the Boston Bruins this week!  We listend to a positive message about team work, persistence and small things making big differences!

Special thanks to teachers and staff who volunteered to participate in some of the activities.  Our own Ms. Miliano helped to demonstrated some healthy fitness activities!

See more photos by visiting Mr. Lyon's blog here.

Kindergarten Scientists Ponder How Plants and Animals Impact Our Environment?

Kindergartners have been pondering the idea that plants and animals impact our environment.  Recently we took a walk around the grounds of the school and made scientific observations.   See what we found!  We will continue to explore this topic by attempting to understand why these changes occurred.

What built this nest?

Where did these holes come from?

How did a plastic bottle end up in the woods?  Was there always a bridge in the woods?

What could be in there?

How did this plant get here?

What happened here?

There are acorns in the hole!  How did they get there?

Who made these holes?

This week we also had the opportunity to watch or class visitor, Bonnie, enjoy her lunch.  Our leopard gecko was in a carry case and fed a bag full of crickets.  We sat very quietly so we could see how she reacted to the crickets and ate them.

Contributions Welcome!

Room 103 is planning for some upcoming activities and would welcome the contributions of wrapping paper scraps.........squares that are about 8*10 appreciated.  Any smaller would be too small.

We could also use sandwich sized zip-lock bags for our many projects.

Thank you!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fitness Assembly Scheduled For Students

This post has been shared from Mr. Lyon's blog:

Fitness Assembly Tomorrow

Image result for boston bruins

Tomorrow, we will be having an all-school assembly on health and fitness being presented by the Boston Bruins.   Students and staff are invited to wear athletic clothes and/or Boston Bruins clothing.