Friday, October 20, 2017

Writers Tricks Of The Trade

This week we spent some time learning some tricks of the trade that writers use to help thier readers understand their message.

We noted 3 tricks of particular importance that we are trying to incorporate into our writing.

1- Writers make sure to leave spaces between each word so the reader can read each individual word.

2- Writers add something to the end of each sentence.  We learned a fancy word called punctuation.  This week we tried to add a period to the end of our sentences.

3- Writers start each sentence with a capital letter.  Then, nearly all other words are written with lower case letters!

Whew, that is a lot for us to remember, but we worked hard on writing about what we would be for Halloween and our sentences are awesome!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

More Versions of 5 Little Pumpkins

Happy Diwali

Room 103 celebrated Diwali today!  We wished our friends a happy Diwali, read a book and learned about this festival of lights, rangoli, diyas and fireworks.  Then we started working on a book about holidays. Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Miliano even received a special gift...our very own diyas!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Flexible Seating...Sit, Kneel, Rock or Stand - Just Learn

Flexible Seating...Sit, Kneel, Rock or Stand - Just Learn!  Room 103 has made the focus of this year's class the children and lots of options!  Thanks to classroom donations, purchases and a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation, students have many options and lots of control in what tools they need to be the best students they can be.

Our classroom full of empowered learners love the freedom and choices!  Students are motivated and develop a sense of independence when they are in control.  Our daily message is, "It is your job to be the best student you can be.  Be sure to select the best tool and seating option to help you to be your best."

Visit our room and you will see students in bucket rockers, wooden slatted Howda-hug  and Backjack chairs.  We have cube chairs, wedges and bumpy cushions.

We sit in chair, on mats and on bumpy cushions when we work!

We have smaller bean bag like chairs and a bigger one!

Sometimes students even enjoy sharing a seat!

Our seating options are great for whole group time, individual work time and for times when we work with partners!

Having so many options would not be possible without the support of the community.  This project is funded by a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation.  "The BEF's mission is to channel donations from businesses and individuals to provide Burlington educators with an additional source of funding for creative and innovative curriculum enrichment programs.

Be sure to visit the Burlington Education Foundation website for further information about the organization and how community members can get involved and support the BEF.  See information about the fall raffle and annual trivia event scheduled for March, 2018.

K/4 Animal Research Project

Students in kindergarten and grade 4 got together to read today.  As the meeting progressed students learned that they would be working together on an animal research project!

This was exciting news for all.  4th graders helped us delve into our discovery of what characteristics of a thing are required for it to be living.

Students worked together to analyze kindergarten statements about things that are living.

The project began today with students selecting their animal to research and then hunting for an appropriate book to begin the process.  Students are looking forward to their collaboration and learning efforts!

Morning Meeting - Foreign Language Friday

Each day we participate in a morning meeting.  Morning meetings help us set the tone for a great day of respectful learning.  As we gather each day we are motivating students, establishing a trusting classroom climate and creating an environment of empathy, collaboration and fun while supporting social, emotional and academic learning.

Morning meetings have 4 major components:  a greeting activity, a sharing time, a group activity and a morning message.

Morning Meeting Name Game Greeting - Select a piece of paper with a classmate's name on it and then walk over to greet that person with a proper handshake!

Our Friday morning have include special greetings that celebrate our diversity.  As room 103 has members who speak multiple languages we have been learning to say hello or good morning in different languages.  In recent weeks friends have taught us to greet one another in Thia (Sawatdee) and  Chinese(Ni hao).  This week we will focus on Hindi(Namaste).

These special greeting times give students an opportunity to take a leadership role in teaching others. Not only do we learn the appropriate words to say but we may also learn proper gestures to go with them.  Other gestures and greetings we learn include sign language!  Students are becoming great communicators!

Often our greetings are fun and silly!  We do special handshakes, animal greetings, name tag greetings and more!  

In addition to gaining an appreciation for one another's language talents we are able to look at a globe and explore where in the world our classmates may have lived.

Our morning meetings are rich with dialogue, fun and love and are a socially and academically rich way to begin our day!

Time To Celebrate!

We work hard and we celebrate!  Students have been working hard since the beginning of the school year.  We give our best effort in all we do.  Individuals are recognized with our ticket system, but we are a team and when the whole class is doing great, we are recognized.  When teachers in the building give us compliments we add a scoop of popcorn kernels to our popcorn jar.  Today we filled our popcorn jar!  This means we must brainstorm how to celebrate and then vote.  These are additional learning opportunities!  We have to think about our options, make suggestions and then vote.  Not everyone's choice is a winner.  We also have to count our votes.  Mrs. Hoyt recorded the votes using tally marks, so we needed to learn how to interpret the total tally marks!  

The winning vote was for a stuffed animal day.  Stay tuned for a special notice coming home with details of our stuffed animal day celebration!