Sunday, August 30, 2015

Colorful start to Kindergarten!

September 2015
Dear Room 103 Parents,
We want to let you all know that part of our ELA block will focus on a review of colors.  Ms. Bennett and I will try to wear the “color of the day” for the first 9 days of school.  Your child is welcome to wear the “color of the day” too!  Please don’t feel like you need to go buy something. If your child has the colored clothes and if they would like to wear the color that would be great! 

Below please find the dates for the colors.
Tuesday, September 8thRED
Wednesday, September 9thORANGE
Thursday, September 10thYELLOW
Friday, September 11th – GREEN
Monday, September 14th – BLUE
Tuesday, September 15th – PURPLE
Wednesday, September 16th – BLACK
Thursday, September 17th – BROWN
Friday, September 18th - WHITE

      We’ll see you soon!     - Karen & Elizabeth

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