Friday, September 11, 2015

A few observations from our first week.

The start of the school year can be very busy, tiring and a bit overwhelming.  Everyone is doing quite well.  That said, we would like to share a couple of observations and thoughts to help the positive energy continue.

1- Eat a big breakfast.  It may be difficult but we do encourage you to get a good meal into your children in the morning.  We eat lunch around 11:00 am.  They are all quite hungry by the time we are sitting to eat.

2- Pack an extra water.  There is a water fountain down the hall from our classroom but it is not conveniently located for a quick drink.  At times we are quite thirsty.  If students had a water bottle on top of their cubbie they could have a quick sip at the ready.

3- Rest, rest, rest - We are quite busy the entire time we are at school.  The children have done well thus far but we are noticing that many are tired during the last hour.  We had a couple friends ready to put their heads on the tables for a little rest!  The second week will be a little more challenging for all  in terms of stamina and staying focused for a school day.  If possible, we recommend tucking everyone into bed a little earlier in general.

Note:  All these recommendations apply to the teachers as well.  We are trying to eat a healthy breakfast to give us the energy to work through the morning.  We are packing lots of water bottles to have on hand and we are certainly trying to get to bed early!

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