Sunday, September 20, 2015

Everybody Reads

Everybody Reads!

On Friday our friends from Ms. Varrell's second grade classroom visited us and played the role of teachers.  Second grade students paired up with kindergarten students to read to us.  We plan to work with the "Big Kids" throughout the school year!

Additionally, we hope to have guest readers in to visit each week!  The message - everybody reads and enjoys reading!  Who can read to us ? Students in upper grades, parents and grandparents, secretaries, our principal, the nurse, and other members of our Pine Glen team are welcome. Outside visitors such as police officers and firemen read too!)

Mrs. Hoyt loves to see her former kindergartners shining as  peer leaders!

This was a special treat as some of our 2nd graders are older siblings!

Will you will consider reading for us?  Bring a favorite book of your own or we can have a book ready for you.  The timing for your visit can be quite flexible.  We will work around schedules to the best of our ability.  Plus, we are working on options to have readers from afar....guest readers via a Google Hangout.

Please contact Mrs. Hoyt by leaving a comment(it will not post live to the blog) or emailing her at

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