Thursday, September 17, 2015

Open House Follow-up

Thank you to all who were able to join us for open house last night.  Those who were unable to make it will receive a packet in the back packs today.

There are a few follow-up tidbits.........

- Please make note of the small card tucked into the right side of your folders.  It will be a great reference tool for you when reading the news at home!

- Sight Words are heading home!  We had intended to distribute the first set of sight word flashcards last night at open house.  Watch for them in your child's communication folders.  See the tab across the top of this blog for an electronic practice tool!

-Our blog does allow for comments.  Later in the year we will be encouraging you to make offer some, but in the mean time you are welcome to do so!  When we study the map we may be asking if there are family members in other parts of the world/country who may be peeking at our work......
Note:  comments are moderated, therefore they do not all get posted and there is a delay before they appear.

Any questions?.....please shoot us an email.

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