Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Orientations Questions.....

Hello Room 103 Families,

It was wonderful to meet you all this morning at our orientation session.  Ms. Bennett and I are eager for our kindergarten year to begin.

A few questions did arise in our sessions and I would like to share the answers with all.
1- Parent Confidentiality meeting with Mr. Lyons. - The question was whether parents who have attended in the past need to attend another session this year.  The answer is no.  Mr. Lyons assured me that if you attended last year you are all set!    Additionally, if you missed the details about the upcoming sessions when I shared them this morning, you can see a post on Mr. Lyons is the address:

I have copied the post here:

Confidentiality Meeting

All parent volunteers are required to have an updated CORI form on file at Central Office and also attend a Principal’s Confidentiality Meeting to be eligible to chaperone field trips and volunteer.  

Volunteers are expected to attend a Confidentiality Meeting hosted by the principal. These meetings will be held periodically throughout the year.  This orientation will review expectations and confidentiality.  All schools need to maintain strict confidentiality of all student information. It is a privilege to be a volunteer and any breach of confidentiality will result in a discontinuation of volunteer services. If you have already attended a Confidentiality Meeting and it is on record at the school, you do not need to attend another. 

All parent volunteers are required to have an updated CORI form on file at the central office to be eligible to volunteer at school.

I will be hosting a Confidentiality Meetings on the 14th, 15th and 18th of September at 8:40 am.

2- Absences from school - If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason please call the Pine Glen main office telephone number and leave a message to officially inform the school.  A
(781-270-1712) Additionally, if you would like to make me aware of absences or other circumstance please email at any time.

I will be checking our Remind class list shortly.  Please take a minute and sign up to receive text updates through out the year!

Ms. Bennett and I have our Jitter Glitter ready and will place it under our beds on Monday night!

See you on Tuesday!


-Mrs. Hoyt

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