Monday, September 7, 2015


Mrs. Hoyt's sunflower is not very tall this year, but it bloomed just in time for the start of the kindergarten year!

Did you attend kindergarten orientation at Pine Glen in May?  If so did you plant a sunflower seed?  By now you should have a tall plant and hopefully a beautiful sunflower!  Send Mrs. Hoyt a picture to share with classmates on our blog!

Be sure to measure how tall the plant is and how wide the flower head is.  Also, a picture of a kindergartner next to his/her tall plant is pretty cool.  Typically the science center will welcome entries into the sunflower growing contest in late September.   Watch for the forms being sent home!  

This is an extra opportunity.........if the flower did not grow, or you did not make it to the open house, do not fret!

2015 flower is all yellow and has a smaller head.
2014 was a much taller plant with a touch a brown in the flower!

They are all beautiful!

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