Thursday, October 29, 2015

Animal Family presentation

Our students are so proud of themselves and are eager to share their work!  What a pleasure it was for Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett to watch the reactions of our students as they watched and listened to their presentations on our Touch it Board today.

Mrs. Ardizzoni demonstrated how to create our illustrations on the ipads using the Drawing Pad app.

Over the last 2 weeks we have worked on a few projects that have helped us to demonstrate all we have learned about animal family classification.  We were each given a beanie baby animal and assigned to draw it on the iPad with the Drawing Pad app and then explained our drawing with the Explain Everything app.
Mrs. Ardizzoni worked with students to help them label their work.

Room 103 worked with Mrs. Ardizonni to create this video.  Watch and listen as we tell you about some of the animals and animal families we learned about.  Each child will share which animal family the animal they selected to draw is in!

Click here to see the slide show!

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