Friday, October 23, 2015

Class leaders

Room 103 friends have lots of jobs.  Three roles that are assigned each week are classroom greeters, cheer leaders and the end of the day leader.  See above as Joel, our end of the day leader for the week sings to us and inquires how our day was!  He says, "Kindergarten, kindergarten, what do you say?  What was your favorite part of the day?"  Then he selects a person to share the highlight of their day. It is a fun routine that we stick to that helps us go home with good memories of our fun activities!

Congratulations to Hrishika!  She is our star student of the week!  Each member of the class decided upon a personal goal that they would work on.  Most goals are things that we find to be particularly challenging such as remembering to raise our hands rather than shout out or lining up quietly and being good hall neighbors.  Others are working on being great friends to everyone in the classroom.  Hrishika set her goal for the week and worked very hard at being successful!  She will have a special show and tell opportunity on Monday and we will have her picture on display in the class for the coming week!

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