Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting Week and Spooktacular Day!

We have a had a busy, fun week that ended with a spooktacular day!

We have worked hard with learning about the computers in the computer lab and on Friday we were able to apply some of our animal family knowledge in creating some new animals and then we created jack-o-lanterns on line!

Oct. 30 was also hat day!  Mrs. Ardizzoni was prepared with her  explorer's hat!  We explained how we could use the computers to create our Wild Self Animals!

We spent some time studying pumpkins, how they grow and some of their attributes.  We estimated the number of seeds in Mrs. Hoyt's pumpkin and then Mr. Hoyt carved it for us!  There were 513 seeds!  Wow!

Students asked for a scary, angry, happy Jack-o-Lantern

"Ms. Zanotti and Mr. Lyons hosted an assembly yesterday with all the the different grades about being Appropriate, Safe and Kind (ASK) in school. Ms. Pavlicek, from the Burlington Science Center, joined the assembly with an owl named Scout who literally does "hoot." When staff see students displaying behaviors that are Appropriate, Safe and Kind, they will recognize these positive behaviors with a Hoot Card. The area outside the conference room, the "Owl's Nest," will display the number of Hoot cards the different grades received to recognize their positive behaviors. We are very excited to promote and recognize the many positive behaviors at Pine Glen Elementary School."
(Taken from Mr. Lyon's blog)

Ms. P and Scout the owl.

Our week ended with some pumpkin and Halloween fun!  We made candy corn necklaces with the help of Lindsay's mom and wore them with our bat hats!

We drew and labeled the cross-section of a pumpkin and have begun some work on our next book about Squanto!

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