Saturday, October 17, 2015

Exploring Our Animals and Heading to the Zoo!

The young scientists in Room 103 had lots to observe about our visiting animals last week!  We fed the tarantula a bag full of crickets and watched as she grabbed and ate them.

Then we fed the tank of cockroaches a few chunks of Mrs. Hoyt's apple and observed what happened.

We were also very excited to discover that we had babies!.....cockroach babies that is!

We learned about the lifecycle of the cockroach and concluded there must have been an egg sack buried in the wood shavings for weeks.  Very exciting!

We did journal pages explaining the animals we hoped to see when we went to the zoo.

We worked on math counting sheets with animals!

After watching the animals for a while we were busy wrapping up our writing and math exercises involving the animals and plans to go to the zoo!

Happy to arrive at the zoo and have the rain stop!

We discovered that an ostrich is very tall compared to a kindergartener!

The animals were out and active on Friday.  We were able to see and hear many animals.  The highlights included both the lions and the gorillas.

We were in awe of the momma and baby gorillas and were also impressed that the gorillas came right up to  the glass to look at us!

We were able to see a wide variety of animals from the different animal families, but we saw many more mammals.  Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennet were impressed that students were able to correctly figure out what animal family the various animals are in.  

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