Saturday, October 10, 2015

What a Week!

Cockroaches  have an exoskeleton!  

Wow, what a busy week we had in room 103!  Ms. Pavlicek from the Burlington Science center was in to deliver some animal visitors!  Room 103 is hosting a container of Madagascar Hissing cockroaches and a Rose-haired Tarantula named Legs!
We were very brave when given the opportunity to touch them!

Mrs. Ardizonni was in to help us learn more about the Drawing Pad App.  Mrs. Hoyt had everyone practice letter writing on the ipads with Mrs. Ardizzoni.  It was fun and everyone did a great job!

Ms. Horton helped us to sketch and write about our insect visitors.
We began work on a book about our bodies this week.  We learned there are 206 bones in our bodies and then sang a song about Dem Bones!  We also learned a counting song about flying ghosts in which we have to count backwards!
 Monster Memory Game

Sand Table
After we complete our required jobs we have fun optional jobs.  Two of this week's more popular options included the sand table and the Monster Memory game!

Mrs. Groom was in and helped us with our Rhyming Houses station.
Students flock to the independent writing and coloring station as a favorite optional job!
We love lunch time when we can chat and connect with friends.
Mrs. Nicholas posed with her book and friends in room 103!
One of the highlights at the end of the week was another surprise reader!  As Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett have told room 103.........Everybody Reads!  Mrs. Nicholas, one of Pine Glen's gym teachers stopped by with a fall favorite that she read to us.......Nuts to You!

There is lots planned in the weeks ahead.  We will be heading to the zoo on Friday, October 16th.  Be sure to check your child's backpack for a reminder and final details!

Contributions and support are both welcome!  We will be using 3 or 4 brown handled bags per student in the coming months.  If you shop at Trader Joe's please send in your bags!  We continue to distribute prizes earned for best effort and following the rules.  If you have trinkets that you would like to contribute we would gladly accept them!

Room 103 is still in need of a room parent.  Please consider helping Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett in our classroom endeavors.

As we prepare for future projects we would love to put your helping hands to work.  Please let us know if you would like to do some additional work for us at home!

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