Sunday, October 4, 2015

Room 103 Update

We had a busy week in room 103!

We had a guest reader!  Everybody Reads!  Ms. Fallon, Pine Glen's Art teacher shared  I Ain't Gonna Paint No More!, a fun book that was full of rhyming words!  

During Ms. Fallon's visit she shared that she is a big fan of details in illustrations and promised to return to room 103 to do the detail dance if we did our best work in our journals!  What fun we had dancing.

New Jobs were introduced!  We have 2 class greeters in the morning, an end of the day recapper who leads the song about the favorite part of the day and a cheer leader to help us with our sight word cheers!  This  past week's leaders (Alexa, Michael A, Sarah and Jake) did an excellent job!

Students have begun sharing their All About Me books.....they are awesome!
Students did a wonderful job presenting their books to the class.  They wore the microphone and read them clearly to their peers!  Classmates practiced being supportive audience members and were very complimentary of the illustrations and ideas in the books

Friday afternoon was super busy.  Room 103 received a new wireless Apple T.V. device that will enable us to use the ipad and project our work for all to see!

In the late afternoon we agreed to take the Good Neighbor pledge! Be sure to ask your kindergartner about he pledge!

The first week of homework was sent home this past Friday.  The red homework folder is sent home on Fridays and they are due back to school the following Friday.  We spent some time going over the directions for the homework and what work would qualify for a check plus.  If students earn a check plus on all 5 homework sheets they will earn a prize!

The third edition of Room 103's Kindergarten News was also sent home.  The students are becoming excellent word detectives and hunt for some of the high frequency words that are learned in kindergarten.  We began working on this in class with the expectation of students finishing it at home.  Students use a different color marker to circle each of the news high frequency words. The Kindergarten News was addressed at Pine Glen's Open House and information was given to parents about how to read the news with their child.  Please refer to the packet if you have questions about the news.  (A recap of the words we highlight is listed at the end of this post.)

We are still trying to resolve volunteer coverage for our field trip.  Our goal is to have the matter settled on Monday.  If you have not volunteered and are considering it, please contact Mrs. Hoyt immediately.

Room 103 is still in need of room parents! -  Room Parents can help Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett in a number of ways.  When a special event is being planned they can help by contacting the families from room 103 to ask for donations of supplies.  If they are available, they are invited to join us for special events. Additionally they support the PTO mission and help with a class donation to the annual Pine Glen Carnival and other events.  The job is not too time consuming and most of the tasks can be accomplished from a home computer and via email.  Be sure to contact Mrs. Hoyt if you would like to help out.

October has begun, please see the October Newsletter by clicking the tab along the top of this blog.

Reminder- Please keep practicing the sight words at home.  Our first word quiz is scheduled for October 28.

Kindergarten News
Words to Circle

we - green
did - light blue
the - magenta
to - dark blue
book  - red
and - orange
made - purple

Highlight all names in yellow

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