Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gerbils, Meatballs, Clouds and the Mayflower!

Room 103 covers a lot in the course of a week!  Please see some of the photo highlights of our week's activities!

Ms. Pavlicek was back to Room 103 this week. This time she brought us a pair of gerbils.  We learned they are rodents from Mongolia!  They love to chew cardboard and need to in order to keep their teeth trimmed!  

The gerbils are an exciting addition to our room!  They move very quickly on their wheel in their cage!

Room 103 is such a fun place!  

We practiced reading and writing our sight words to help prepare for our word quiz.
We used our ipads to view the latest Let's Find Out magazine  which presented information about the Pilgrim's trip on the Mayflower!  It was a long, hard trip! Then we spent some time practicing letters with the drawing pad app.
The magic box helps us pracitce recognizing letter sounds!
At the journal table we wrote about things we are good at and things we hope to become better at.

Our new class visitors are very exciting!  We love studying and sketching them.

Our Alphabet Center has been busy with students sorting images of objects into the begining sounding letters.
Another guest reader!  Mr. Musselman of the science center was in to read Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs!

Weather Wednesday!  We record the temperatures each week.  Additionally we made observations about the sun/clouds and wind.

On Wednesday Mr. Musselman  returned and presented a lesson on clouds!  We learned about many different types of clouds.  Students discussed that understanding the clouds helps us make smart guesses about what will happen in the to make predictions.

We learned that clouds are formed by environmental factors of heat (the sun), water (lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.), particles and dust (in our environment) and changes in temperatures create clouds!

Mr. Musselman brought some resources and demonstrated making a homemade cloud!  It absorbed enough water to enable it to "rain" on us!

As the cloud formed students engaged in partner discussions to make smart guesses about what was happening!

Mr. Musselman walked around with his tray of ice and let the "rain" drip on students!

The Burlington Science center also reported on this exciting lesson!  Please see the science center blog for additional photos and information about clouds!

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