Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kindergarten News is Expanding!

Each week room 103 collaborates to produce the Kindergarten News!  Students offer thoughts and ideas of what to include.

Students read the news and hunt for familiar words.  We circle common words found in our news.
Be sure to add lots of details to your illustration of the  highlight entry!

Teachers have added some new challenges to the kindergarten news in recent weeks.  Students are encouraged to bring the weekly news home on Fridays.  If they read it with their families, circle and highlight all the words as directed and return it on Monday morning they are eligible for special recognition!

This week we added a new section.  Highlight of the week provides an opportunity for each student to add a journal entry in which they share their favorite part of the week!  It is fun to hear what everyone loves about school!  This past week we had many highlights but the most popularly shared comment was that students love our morning greetings!
Students use words they know in their writing!  They offer very impressive work!

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