Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marvelous Monday

We will have a chopped up week due to PD and holidays, but the days promise to be full!  Monday was marvelous with a guest reader, Mrs. Agati.  Mrs. Agati is one of Pine Glen's music teachers.  She sang us a book!  Over The River And Trough the Woods was an excellent story/song about a family travelling for Thanksgiving!  

 Mrs. Agati enjoys reading so much that she offered to read us two stories!  Our second, Do You Do A Digeridoo? was equally popular.

 We were also visited by Ms. Zanotti, our guidance counselor who presented a life skills lesson.  This lesson included a review of previous skills such as when someone calls your name we stop what we are doing, look at the person and acknowledge them.  Yesterday we focused on appropriately listening and responding to direction.  To reinforce this new skill we played a fun game of Simon Says in which students took turns being Simon!  If Simon does not say, we do not do!

Reminder, we have no school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Diwali!

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