Sunday, November 8, 2015

Room 103 Happenings November 2-6

The first week of November was packed full of many fun learning opportunities!

We had a presentation of the NED show brought to us by our Guidance counselor, Ms. Zanotti.  Students were impressed with the yo-yo tricks  and the message.  NED which is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best addressed the importance of being positive and working towards goals.

Mrs. Fallon, a retired Burlington kindergarten teacher and the mother of Pine Glen teacher, Ms. Fallon was in to read to us a favorite from when her daughter was young, I Am A Little Panda.

We learned that a new born panda would be smaller than the size of the beanie baby panda that Mrs. Fallon brought.

We continue to learn the sounds and how to write lower case letters.  During math we are practicing writing numbers and creating sets of different numbers.  Our new counting cookies game is super fun and we pretended the acorns were chocolate chips when we had to count out certain amounts!

Counting Cookies - We pick a cookie out of the jar and then each student needs to show that many chocolate chips (acorns!).

Practicing writing 8,9,10

We began our study of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims and created Native American ponchos, Wampum and headdresses and wove place mats for our feast scheduled for later this month.

Ms. Justice was in and helped us with weaving the center of our place mats

We have been doing lots of pattern work.  There are patterns all around the perimeter of our place mats.

Our November book,  Squanto What Did the Pilgrims Eat features lots of healthy vegetables!

After view the magazine on-line together we view it on the i pads!

Ms. Bennett presented a lesson about Veteran's Day and then shared some medals and things that her Veteran fiance, Tom had earned.  We also read about Veteran's Day in our Let's Find Out Magazine.  Students decided to write thank you notes to Veterans.

Ms. Bennett share a book about Veteran's Day

We were able to see some medals, gear and awards that Ms. Bennett's fiance, Tom earned while serving in the army.

Watching the American Toad, Milo eat his crickets was very interesting.  Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett were able to record him eating.

Reminder:  There will be no school for students on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 10 and 11.  On Tuesday teachers will involved with professional development sessions and Wednesday is Veteran's Day.

We love knowing that our families at home are getting to see what we are doing.  Please add a comment after you view our posts.  Teachers and students read and discuss who the audience is viewing our work.  Let us know what you think about all that is happening in room 103!

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