Thursday, December 3, 2015

Books, Friends and New Writing Challenges!

Room 103's review of The Book With No Pictures is that the story is hilarious!

We had a great week in room 103!  Mrs. Fortunato, Burlington school's math coach came to share her love to math and books!  She visited our class one morning and read The Book With No Pictures.  It had everyone roaring with laughter and engaged in fun reading!  Then she visited us for a few afternoons to lead us during our math lessons.  She loves math and we cheered, "Math Rocks!"
Hmmm.......I wonder what is in the mystery stocking?!
Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett gave us a new writing challenge!  Something was hidden in the mystery stocking and we had to guess what it was.  We were challenged to write about our guesses.  Mrs. Hoyt shared one of her favorite words with students: BECAUSE!  All guess had to include an explanation as to why we thought we knew what the item is. The first item in the stocking was a pencil.  Students knew this BECAUSE if felt hard, straight and round!

Welcome friend!
Room 103 has a new friend!  Michaela is all smiles and so are we!  Welcome Michaela!

Teachers were extra busy with parent-teacher conferences this week!  Thank you to all for joining us. 
We thank you for taking time to meet with us to discuss our wonderful children and their amazing accomplishments!  We know you are as proud of them and their growth as we are!  It has been a busy, fun-filled first part of the school year!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

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