Monday, December 21, 2015

Marvelous Monday!

Our morning greeting included wishes for one another that each had a Marvelous Monday and indeed we did!

We started our day with a guest reader. Ms. Sacco, who is a literacy teacher and coach in Burlington, was in and read her favorite version of The Gingerbread Boy.  Then she stayed and helped us write our guesses about the contents of the mystery stocking.  It was a paddle ball game today!

We demonstrated our knowledge of alphabetical order solving a maze and practiced matching sounds of letters at the beginning of words.

Lots of Gingerbread men were made!.....too bad we can not eat this kind!

Our fun poem of the week is about a chubby snowman!

Even Ms. Sacco guessed what was in the stocking!

This afternoon we visited the gym and met Mrs. Ardizzoni's daughter, Anna.  She is a ballerina!

Anna has practiced dancing for many years.  We learned that just like anything else that you want to be good at you must practice a lot.   We learned about pointe dancing- in which a ballet dancer supports all her body weight on the tips of her fully extended feet.  Anna demonstrated moving on the tips of her toes and let us feel the block of wood in her slipper.
        Image result for pointe

Next she performed a dance.

Anna has also heard that we learned a lot about dancing the Nutcracker and invited us to dance for her.  Mrs. Parnell lead the entire kindergarten in dancing the Spanish Chocolates dance we learned.

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