Monday, January 4, 2016

Baby its cold outside!

Room 103 Reminders

The cold weather has arrived! - Please be sure to dress your children for outside play!  We go outside for recess every day!
Hat, Clothing, Winter                  Bomber Jacket, Warm, Clothing,                 Hat, Style, Cold, Winter,
PLEASE BE SURE JACKETS, HATS, MITTENS, SCARVES, and especially BOOTS AND SHOES are labeled with your child’s name.  You might work out a code with him/her to help getting items on the right feet, i.e. putting a red dot on the right boot and right shoe.

Please practice putting on and taking off jackets and fixing the sleeves after the jacket is off. With many students the more students can do independently the better.  Recess is only 25 minutes long and if we are inside assisting the students with preparations to be outside our recess minutes are wasted inside instead of playing outside.

Practicing with zipping and buttoning is also time well spent.  Zippering is a hard skill to perform on yourself, but easily mastered on a friend.  Let your child practice zippering other people’s jackets before he/she tries to master his/her own.  We encourage this in Kindergarten as well.

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