Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett’s resolutions include plans to keep working hard educating your children!  We have jumped into capital letters, creating our own dictionaries, studying our sight words and creating and reading cvc words along with counting to 100 and learning more about one another in our study of blankets, quilts and afghans! January sure will be busy!

Be sure to double check the schedule and help your child send in their special blanket/quilt/afghan on the appropriate day.  Help them by discussing its attributes (what it looks like), where/when they got it, what makes it special to them and what they like to do with it (read a book, sleep, watch a movie).

We have already shared two items!

Lindsay shared the blanket her grandmother made.  She likes to sleep with it!

Ali likes to sleep with the afghan that was given to her when she was a baby!

Before a student share's his or her special treasure from home we play 20 questions. We must pay special attention to ensure there are no wasted questions by repeating one already asked! After we reveal the quilt we measure it's length and width with rods.  We learned that we must be careful in order to measure accurately! We have discussion of the shapes of the items and which are larger/smaller. This is a fun, social set of lessons that incorporates a number of skills. Students use mathematical terms, they practice speaking in front of the class, and must listen well, remember questions asked and think of new questions!  
The area of Lindsay's blanket is 9 kindergartners sitting up!

Mrs. Hoyt's daughter's quilt has an area of 6 kindergartners sitting up and one kindergartner lying down!

As we discussed the concept of area we agreed that we would use 3 types of measurements for the blankets, quilts and afghans the students would be bringing in. We measure how many students standing up, how many students sitting up or how many students lying down as our fun tool of measurement!

Realizing we would be learning about Jan Brett, Mrs. Fallon selected one of her favorite Brett books to share!

Back to our routines we have already had another guest reader in to visit with us. Mrs. Fallon, a retired kindergarten teacher visited us and read The Owl And The Pussy Cat.
 Written by Edward Lear and illustrated by Jan Brett, Mrs. Fallon took some time to discuss the roles of authors and illustrators and then studied the wonderful artwork of Brett.....we will be exploring more of Brett's work in the week to come!

As Mrs. Fallon stopped to point out the great details in the illustrations students could not help themselves and had to crowd closer to see!

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