Thursday, January 21, 2016

Recycling, Writing, Fun Time and More!

The Burlington Science Center Teachers, Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman presented an informative lesson on trash and recycling on Wednesday.  Students were invited to dissect and analyze the trash our school produces at lunch time.  We were then given the challenge to reflect and change the amounts of trash, recycling and food waste we have.

Students were clad in protective gear as they dove in and and categorized the trash.

A day's worth of trash at Pine Glen!  106 pounds of trash!

Analysis done on  trash produced Tuesday showed we had 29 pounds of trash in grades K and 1.  Wednesdays's trash only had 10 pounds of trash!

Students shared what they learned in their journals.  This idea is....."I save food to bring home".  Rather than throw away uneaten food, students can bring leftovers home to eat later!

We brainstormed how we could have less food waste, less trash and more recycling.

Please visit the Science Center Blog and post on recycling for more information!  

Our week continued with other fun exercises!  Mrs. Hoyt decided to start the day with fun and choice time on Thursday!  All students had some fun and practiced soft skills such as self control, empathy and social skills.

Many students enjoyed corresponding!  We love writing letters at our new post office!

Puzzling fun!  Match the letter to the image representing the sound it makes.

Math skills and letter writing on the ipad!  Who knew choice time could be such fun!

Taking turns, listening to others ideas on how to plan a structure, sharing and collaborating are all important skills!

We continue to share blankets,quilts and afghans.  Our fun ways of measuring area have been a hit!

Students participated in the set 3 word quiz and the 4th set will be sent home on Friday.  We are also beginning to learn about addition.  Addition math facts for 0-5 will be a new focus.  Flash cards have been made and will be sent for home study soon.

Parent volunteers are needed for some at home prep projects.  If you would like to help us with some cutting and prep, please contact Mrs. Hoyt!

Report Cards will be heading home next week.  Please be sure to check your child's backpack.

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