Saturday, January 16, 2016

Room 103 Update

The area of Abhidnya's blanket is 15 kindergartners sitting up!
Room 103 continues to share special treasures from home.  Blankets, quilts and afghans are presented daily and we learn from one another before we measure the length, width and area!  We have also begun the process of making quilts!  Mrs. Hoyt read one of her favorite books, The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau.

Our measurement tool for the area of Neek's blanket was kindergartners standing up!

As we learn about books, authors and illustrators, Jan Brett was highlighted this week!  We read and discussed The Mitten, created our own mittens to help retell the story and then learned more about some of the animals illustrated in the book.  Ms. Pavlicek of the Burlington Science Center visited Pine Glen School to help us gain a better understanding of the animals!  We realized that this is a fictional story as it would not be realistic for all those animals to fit in a mitten and they certainly would not get along to do so!

We learned that all but one of the animals in the book are mammals.  There is one bird.  We also learned all but one of the animals live in North America.  One animal, the hedgehog is from Africa.

Animals protect themselves in many way.  A hedgehog has quills, makes noises and rolls itself into a ball.  We practice protecting ourselves like hedgehogs.

Hedgehogs grunt to ward off threats.  Listen carefully to Polly let us know she is nervous!

Two hedgehogs visited us.  Meet Penny!

Once comfortable, Penny and Polly moved about the pen and let us make some nice observations!

We were welcomed to touch the hedgehogs to feel the quills!

The cold weather and snow have been exciting and prompted discussion about the weather this week.  Students guess that it will be even colder next week.  Mrs. Hoyt hopes they are incorrect!  We did decide to write about our preferences as to whether we like or dislike winter.  We also had changes to our recess routines.  We played in the gym and then out front on the hot top a couple of days.  Thank you for the donations of chalk!

One of the highlights of the week was the school-wide Whip and Nae, Nae dance party!  We have all been striving to demonstrate behaviors that are appropriate, safe and kind.  Students all earn Hoot Cards for doing the just right thing.  Because each grade earned so many cards, we earned this celebration!

We ended our week with a visit from Ms. Zanotti.  She presented a social skills lesson.  Sometimes we all have peers who might be bothering us.  This lesson helped empower students to remember they have options.   They can tell the person to STOP, if that does not work, they can WALK away from the person or situation and finally they can TALK to a teacher or adult if the person bothering them does not stop.

Lots of information went home to families this week.  Please be sure to double check backpacks for the February newsletter.  There are details about a secret valentine project and each child's assignment.  We are planning a special celebration on Feb. 12 and permission slips have been sent home.  In addition, our home work expectations are changing and an update was included in the red folders.  Be sure to contact teachers if you have question about any of these things.

Next week will be short, but packed with lots of learning!  Our word quiz is scheduled for Thursday.  We will be making more paper quilts and participating in our reading groups.  Our post office is expected to Open!

Whip and Na Nae - photos

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