Friday, January 8, 2016

What a week!

Whew!  What a busy week back from our December break we had!  Our daily sharing opportunities have been super fun.  The highlight is measuring the area of the blankets/quilts/afghans!  

Please be sure to check the schedule so your child brings his/her item on the correct day!  

We continue to work hard at practicing self-control and putting forth our best effort.  Striving to become start students, we raise our hands, wait patiently, try not to blurt out and are good friends and classmates.  This week's star student is Lindsay!

Our math sessions were exciting and lively this week.  Mrs. Fortunato returned and helped us as we explored the 100 chart!  We are also completing a bingo type choice board in which every day we get a new math activity to explore.  Students love have lots of choices!  One of the favorites we creating Zarah's riddle was.....

I'm thinking of a number that comes before 100 and after 98.  Can you guess what number it is?

Each card is numbered and students must put them in order!  10, 20, 30....120

Can you replicate Mrs. Hoyt's counting jar with the same amount?

Ms. Bennett helped us recognize the patterns in the 100 chart!

It is tricky but we can fill in the missing numbers.

Whoa!  Grab a big handful and then count them............there was 46 in one handful today!

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