Saturday, February 13, 2016

100 Days of Learning!

100 Days of Learning!

On February 23 we plan to celebrate our 100th day of kindergarten.  Students were asked to reflect on this, and this is what they wrote:

I learned to do math because it is fun!

I want to get better at reading.

I am better at reading and I am better at counting to 100.

I learned to read.

I learned the differences for M and N and I learned to read.

I learned the math this year.

I learned about the presidents on the flatscreen.

I learned about math.

We were writing on the boards.  I learned to read.

I learned to do math from my teachers Mrs. Hoyt and Ms. Bennett.

I know how to count to a million.

I learned about the Presidents.

I learned about the President’s Day.  The Presidents are cool.

I learned art at school very much and I like art!

I learned to make a card and I learned to do art.Girl, Books, School, Reading,

I was sitting with Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Hoyt was teaching me.  I learned about stuff.

I know how to sing.                                                                  

I learned how to read and I learned to speak up.

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