Friday, February 5, 2016

Chapter Books, Quilt Sharing and Fun Snow Day Ideas!

This week we continued to learn about bears.  After reading about how the story of Winnie the Pooh was created, we read the Legend of the Teddy Bear and the connection to President Roosevelt.  Next we began a chapter book, Meet Samantha,  that helps us understand what being a child in the early 1900's would have been like. Since we are only reading a chapter at a time we need to pay close attention to the story and details and have class discussions about what is happening in the story before each reading session.


Ms. Dean, one of Pine Glen's teachers learned we were reading the book about Samantha and asked if she could visit our classroom.  She has a Samantha doll from the American Girl store and showed us the type of clothing, lunch pail, and desk a child would have.  We even saw her special locket!  Tangible connection to the story help us to be even more engaged in the story!

We wrapped up our sharing of blankets, quilts and afghans this week!  Sofia was very patient as she waited to be our last participant.  Her Frozen themed blanket was so large we measured the area with kindergartners lying down!

The blanket is longer than it is wide.

Congratulations to our Star of the week, Ali! 

The snow may be falling, keeping us at home for the day, but students have plenty they can do at a book, check out the Raz-Kids and Symphony math apps or write a note in your journal!
It is also a great day to work on class Valentines!

Take time to get outside and play in the snow and be sure to help mom and dad with the shoveling!

If you build a snowman or play in the snow, please email Mrs. Hoyt a picture.............perhaps we will use the photos as writing prompts next week!

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