Saturday, February 13, 2016

More Valentine's Day Fun!

Did you enjoy our photos?  We have a had a busy and very fun month of February thus far. Our post office has been very active with friends writing notes to one another.  Later this year, when we practice our home address, we hope to hope to put some real mail in the mailbox to you! 

We see and learn people communicating in many ways every day.  Children observe people communicating via their cell phones with calls and texts and Mrs. Hoyt reads and projects emails she receives (Like the ones with pictures you send along!). We use this blog to share lots of information with families at home.  We want students to know that you are their audience and that this also allows for some communication back to us.  Please feel free to make a comment about the festive pictures you have viewed.  The blog administrator(Mrs. Hoyt) will post them and share them with students when we return from vacation.  If you have family around the world who may enjoy seeing these and past posts, please share our link and encourage them to comment...we would love to hear from you all!

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