Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Fun

Room 103 has celebrated Valentine's Day in some special ways.  We learned a few songs, wrote about what we love, prepared special Valentine gifts and messages and had a special gathering!  We read about what it would have been like to be a child in the early 1900's and then tried to emulate those expectations over a Victorian Celebration!  We learned about President Theodore Roosevelt and how he was the inspiration for the teddy bear and then learned he was President around that time period.  We looked at coins and discovered various President's faces upon them and then practiced counting teen numbers by adding dimes and pennies together!  We sang! We sang about mailing ourselves(Gonna Mail Myself to You), who we love(I Love You!), how much we love (A Bushel and a Peck) and we even learned sign language to sign along to A You're Adorable!Please enjoy watching us sing some of the Valentine songs we learned!

Since we enjoyed our class post office so very much, this song about mailing ourselves was kind of fun!

We have learned the letters and their sound and have practiced writing them.  We have noted that friends in our class speak various languages but no one in our class signs.  We learned to communicate the alphabet in sign language!

Students worked hard during these chilly winter months to create some warmth in our room.  Our paper quilts allowed us to learn a little more about one another while working together and practicing some skills.  These along with many other treasures were sent home with students today!

Glorious Day of Fun and Love!  We all dressed very nicely for our special celebration!  

After exchanging our special Valentines we checked our mailboxes and looked through our class Valentines.  This was so much fun!

Lunch was delicious!  Of course the favorite was dessert!

Nearly every day we sing and take a moment to reflect on the best part of our day. Today there were many highlights including our gift exchange, a Valentine Bingo Game and singing our special songs!

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