Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Author Visit

We met Little Bat, his favorite character, who makes an appearance in each and every one of Brian's Batty books! 

Author Brian Lies visited school today.  We listed to him present his favorite book, Bats at the Library. He shared about how he became an author and illustrator and that he works hard to perfect his skill......sometimes he will write and re-write the same book 20-30 times to get it just the right way!
Our presenter admitted that when he was in 2nd grade he was not a terrific artist, but has improved!  
Practice does not make perfect.  Practice makes better and we should all strive to become better at the things we do!

Future book potential title:  A Very Batty Idea!

The end of our presentation included a challenge.  Students offered ideas for a future Batty book.  The drawing above was generated by the kindergarten and first grade student ideas......Mr. Lies should write a book about a bat, who does karate and gets into a snowball fight!  

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