Monday, March 14, 2016

Sight Word Fun!

The final set of sight words will go home with students this week.(Number words!)  Your continued effort to reinforce their learning at home is appreciated.  As we continue to play with and explore words at home you can use the flashcards as fun tools too!  We are working on alphabetical ordering and comparing the sizes of words.  Pull out one set of words and help students put the words into alphabetical order!  Count the letters in words to determine how many letters there are.  How many syllables does each word have?  

We have been playing with our words!  Recent activities have included sight word bingo, a roll the dice and counting sight word game and magnetic letter fun.

The more students see and say the words the more likely they will retain them.  As students learn and explore more and more, review is beneficial.  Please keep these cards handy throughout the school year and summer.  Help your child to have some fun with them!  This knowledge will help them be successful as they prepare to transition to future learning opportunities and next year in 1st grade!  See this Link to additional ideas of things to help remember sight words at home.  

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