Monday, April 4, 2016

We Love to Read!

Finding a quiet spot and reading to a friend brings all of us such joy!
We feel very proud of ourselves when we can share what we can do!
We cooperate and help each other when we get stuck on challenging words!
We are all reading rock stars!
Taking read while I listen and then I'll read while you listen!
Each day we make time to read.  We listen to books read to the class, we read in our reading groups, to ourselves and to one another!  Recently, students have been taking turns reading books to the entire class!  We love to read!

Impressed with our reading?  Post a comment to let us know! We will be sharing comments with the class.  
Stay tuned as we will have more student readers in the coming weeks!

We love our trips to the library to listen to the selection of books Ms. Carney has to offer.  This past week we listed to Akili's book, My 5 Senses. We will be working with Ms. Carney and Mrs. Ardizzoni to create a room 103 book of spring poems!

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