Saturday, May 7, 2016

Room 103 is Obsessed with Bookmaking

Kindergarten friends in room 103 are developing an increasing interest in writing...actually an obsession!

Why! - opportunity, encouragement and audience!

Mrs. Hoyt recently started making blank 8 page books and made them available to students! Teachers encourage student only to use these books if they would like to publish a book and become authors and illustrators!   Students are guided that the book must deliver a message and have great illustrations.  Then we make time to share our creations!  Sometimes books are read to the class, other times books are read to neighboring teachers and sometimes students visit the office and read a book to school secretary, Mrs. Gosselin or our principal, Mr. Lyons!  This is very exciting!  

We have read books about animals, metamorphosis, numbers and counting.  Students have explained camouflage and have share what they love!  You may find an interest in writing books at home and we want you to be able to help your student write and create!  

Watch video below as Mrs. Hoyt shares her “secret recipe” to quickly make an 8 page book

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