Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Friday - Hanging Out at School!

We worked hard today!

Our Friday was one of the fullest kindergarten days of the year thus far!

Special congratulations to room 103!  We had a costume day because we have been earning rewards for great effort at our school work and trying our best to follow all the rules!  We had princesses, teachers, ringmasters, The Hulk and many more join us at school today.

Tia Jess called in from CostaRica
Our guest reader called in from CostaRica!  Auntie Jess (one of our student's aunt's) lives in there and agreed to participate in a Google Hangout.  We were able to learn about her country and ask her many questions.  We learned that she has rainforsts nearby that have monkeys, tigers and snakes!
We greeted her in Spanish and practiced counting with her in Spanish.  

Mr. Lord, Pine Glen's ELL teacher joined in and had a full conversation in Spanish!  It was interesting to witness a conversation and only understand a few words.

Our Google Hangout included a read aloud via an ebook!  Mrs. Ardizzoni joined us to support us.

Our day also included a visit to the library in which students shared their pages in our Spring Poetry books! Mrs. Ardizzoni and Ms. Carney helped us to write, illustrate and create this special book!  Watch future posts for more information about the book!

Each student read their book page to their classmates!

Mrs. Hoyt's daughter, Cat is home from college and joined us as an extra pair of hands.  She helped students with their writing today.

We were also busy writing our community helper books!  Students brainstormed many ideas about what dentists do!

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