Monday, May 2, 2016

We Love Learning!

Students very much enjoy the Write Around strategy of sharing thoughts.  It is like musical chairs!

Over the past week we explored many topics.  Students planted, learned about the life cycle of butterflies, emulated the work of Michaelangelo, created a new book and read, read, read!

After planting our seeds we each wrote out the steps involved in planting.....sort of a "How To"  document.

Scientific vocabulary like chrysalis, metamorphosis, camouflaged were all part of our study of caterpillars.

Classmates love hearing stories read by each other.

Ms. Pavlicek was back from the Science Center.  She left us Milo the toad so we can observe him for a couple of weeks.

We collaborate and share ideas.

Mrs. Proehl, one of Pine Glen's teachers,  visits room 103 and loves to jump in and help students.

The highlight of the week for many of us was the opportunity to become artists similar to Michelangelo!  We were under the table drawing upwards, just like Michelangelo painted up in the Sistine Chapel.

For some of us it was hard to reach and our arms were tired!

We continue to be appreciative of the helping hands of parents in our classroom.  Sarah's mom helpled us make the green page of Planting a Rainbow!

It is almost time to go to the circus.  We are writing about the different jobs members of the Big Apple Circus team have.

Guest readers are still a thrill for us.  This week Mrs. Papadonis, one of Pine Glen's interventionists was in to read one of her favorites, Those Pesky Rabbits.

Students volunteer to read books to the class.  We are very impressed with their reading abilities and their confidence to come before the group to share!

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