Friday, June 3, 2016

Discovering the World Around Us!

We explored the world of nature around us at Pine Glen this week!  Ms. Pavlicek took us on a Nature Walk in Pine Glen's conservation area.  Students were thrilled about the experience and shared some of the highlights of the outing. 
 Seeing the toad Ms. P caught.
The duck in the water.
Smelling the mint smelled like gum.
The special flower. (We found a Lady Slipper)
The skunk cabbage.  It was not too smelly! 
Climbing over trees and rocks and the bridges ...It was fun.

We were so quiet that we successfully view the mallard and did not scare it away.

Just like the toad we had in our classroom!

We spotted an endangered Lady Slipper plant.

These leaves smell minty like gum!

Thank you Ms. P.!

We explored the idea of classifiying items as living vs non-living before venturing out.  Ms. P helped us revied the traits that indicate an item is living.  

Here is a little information about the conservation land take from the Town of Burlington's Conservation Commission site.  Perhaps students and families would like to explore again!

This small, but diverse Conservation Area features well-maintained trails with several stream crossings. This property has a little bit of everything and a loop trail brings you through the expanse of woodlands, over the streams, and along the wetlands on site. Often used by the Pine Glen Elementary School classes for environmental education, this property is best visited outside of normal school hours. Visitors can park at the Pine Glen Elementary School and access the Conservation Area at the left-rear of the playing field.

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