Friday, June 10, 2016

First Grade Teachers Read To Us!

On Thursday we enjoyed books with both Mrs. Bourgeois and Ms. Mills some of Pine Glen's first grade teachers.  Both teachers heard just how much we enjoy reading and wanted to share some of their favorite stories with us.

Mrs. Bourgeois invited us into her first grade classroom to listen to the story with her students.  Following the story we were invited to ask her current students about first grade.  It was a fun was to see a future classroom and to gain some insight into what it will be like.  Then we participated in a Shake Break!  Everyone had a great time dancing together!

Both Ms. Mills and Mrs. Bourgeois shared books with a common theme!  It is important to try your best and not give up!

Mrs. Bourgeois read the story, The Most Magnificent Thing and Ms. Mills read Giraffes Can't Dance.  Both were terrific stories to listen to.  Be sure to check our summer reading blog for additional book recommendations as we head into summer!  

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