Thursday, September 15, 2016

Green Day!

Be sure to ask your child what a microwave is!  We gave microwaves during morning meeting today!

We were all very tired after moving to the up and down song!

Meet Echo!  She loves to help us repeat sounds correctly!

Our first guest reader was in today!  Mr. Lord our ELL teacher read the book No Jumping On The Bed by Tedd Arnold.  He used special voices for the characters!

Mr. Lord also greeted us in many languages and asked if we knew how to say hello in any languages.  We chimed in in Spanish, French, Chines, Japanese and Italian!

We have sung songs about the Three Little Pigs and building a house.

The playground is the highlight of most of our days!

We took the Good Neighbor Pledge today, promising to be the best neighbors in the hallway, ensuring that our school mates will not be distracted by us!

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