Friday, September 30, 2016

Animal Visitor

On Friday we had our first visit from Ms. P of the Burlington Science center.  Ms. Pavlicek led us in a discussion about living things.  We all agreed that living things eat, need water, air and to be safe.  We had some discussion about whether living things move.  We agreed that all animals are living.  It was interesting to learn that human beings are animals.  Hmm.....

Ms. P then presented a crayfish.  Crayfish are cousins to the lobster.  The crayfish is small and lives in freshwater.  They need to eat, they have pincher claws to help them feel safe.  Crayfish need water and air and they definately move!  They are alilve!

The crayfish will be a guest in room 103.  If we do a great job in taking care of it, Ms. P promises to bring us other animal visitors!

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