Friday, September 30, 2016

One Busy Week!

Twinkle Friends! - This is a great interactive song that we enjoy at the beginning of the school year.

f - fun- /f/

Echo helped us learn about the letter f!

Classmates enjoy coloring when they have the opportunity.

We learn about letters with Echo the owl and then practice writing letters with the Fundations program.

We packed our bags and went on a Bear Hunt!

Students worked with Mrs. Hoyt reading their Nursery Rhyme books.

We created scarecrows to hang over our cubbies.

Parent volunteers began this week.   Thank you for helping us learn Mrs Castellano!

We hunt for words in our Let's Find Out magazines.

n - nut /n/

Alphabet aerobics -

Hands up high for tall letters, hands on hips for short letters and hands down low for letters with a tail.

Time to create ghost calendar markers............October is upon us!

More parent volunteers!  Welcome Mrs. Mahoney!

Reading a books using the ipad.  Students select a book and then listen as it is read to them.

We are experts at rhyming!

Always make time to read!

Working on our October calendars.

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