Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bus Safety, Fire Safety and Lots of Fun!

The past week has been very busy for room 103.

We learned about bus safety through an assembly and presentation by Burlington Police Officer S., practiced how to be safe in the event of a fire by experiencing mock fire drill, filled our popcorn jar and planned our celebration( a bowling party), met an owl and much, much more!

Officer Schipelliti visited us today to explain appropriate, safe, and kind (ASK) behavior at the bus stop, crossing the street, and while riding the bus.

Ms. Miliano and our parent volunteer helped student practice how to leave a bus during an emergency.

We did a great job lining up during the fire drill!

We wrote in our journals about pumpkins and what we may be dressing up for on Halloween.

Students have begun to create a book about things that are spooky!...lots of details in our illustrations!

Ms. Small our librarian came to us this week.  She read The Reader.  This book was illustrated by Lauren Castillo, the author we have read the past few weeks.  This time Ms. Small asked us about where we like to read.  She will be tweeting with a K class in another state to compare all the places we like to read.

With the assistance of parent volunteers we were able to complete many pages of our 5 Little Pumpkins books!  

Ms. Horton helped us with a rhyming activity.

We have worked hard at doing the right thing at school!  Our class has filled our popcorn jar and is planning to have some bowling fun on October 31st to celebrate.  We have already begun to fill the jar again in the hopes of another classroom celebration!

The highlight of the week for many of us was meeting Scout the Burlington Science Center's resident owl!

Scout greeted us by flapping her big, silent wings!

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