Saturday, October 22, 2016

Guess Hoo Came to Visit!

Ms. Pavlicek of the Burlington Science Center came to visit Pine Glen on Friday and teach us about another living thing...owls!

After a presentation in which we learned about where owls live, when they are awake (they are nocturnal) and what they like to eat and sound like, Ms. P introduced us to Scout.  Scout is an owl that was rescued and now lives at Burlington High School in an outside enclosure.

Scout is cared for by Ms. P.  She came to her at about 3 months old and is now 1 1/2 years old.  Taken from the wild as a very young owl, Scout never learned to survive on her own.  She now helps students in Burlington learn about Owls, animals and living things.

Students were completely enthralled with the visit by Ms. P of the Burlington Science Center.

Owls have really large eyes.  If a small child had eyes proportionate to the size of owls eyes they would be as big as the ones on this friend!

Students learned a lot about owls.  Ms. P had a skull of an owl for us to look at and observe the size and shape of the beak.

We learned that an owl may consume lots of things it can not digest.  It then throws up an owl pellet.  We all thought this was interesting.

The most dangerous part of the owl is its talons.  The talons, or claws are very strong.

Scout gave everyone a great greeting!  

Scout was a terrific guest.  She showed how she can turn her head all the way around!  This is because owls have 14 bones in her neck area as opposed to us humans who have 7 bones.

Students enjoyed seeing Scout...and it looks like Scout enjoyed seeing them too!

Visit the Burlington Science Center Blog to find out more about the presentations and educational support they provide to our students and the community!

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