Thursday, October 6, 2016

More Photos and Learning Fun in Room 103

We spent some time looking at the globe, discussing the 7 continents, where our families may be from and Christopher Columbus.  We even learned a new song about the continents!

We learned about numbers, colored, wrote letters, practiced rhyming, syllabication and played games that helped us hear the beginning sounds of words.  Whew are we a busy bunch!

We have been writing this week and have had some awesome things to observe and write about!  We sketched the crayfish Ms. P brought us and then sketched the dwarf hamsters that Ms. Miliano have shared with the class: Snowball, Apple and Cutie

We have a new song a about 10 ghosts who fly around.  Lots of singing and counting!

As we continue to settle in and learn routines, we are taking on more tasks.  Each week various students are assigned jobs for the week.  This week Ellalan has been helping us learn our words by leading us as the cheer leader!  Other tasks include being a morning greeter and leading us in our departing song.  We will also be introducing our star of the week!

Izabella has been leading our end of the day song this week...."Kindergarten, Kindergarten, what do you say?  What was your favorite part of today?

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