Friday, October 28, 2016

Wild, Fun Week

We visited the computer lab and learned about working on the iPads.  Mr. Donoff introduced us to the Build Your Wild Self activity.  We had lots of fun.

We hunted for words in our books.

We worked on our Spooky Books!

We worked together to count and compare pumpkins.

With the helping hands of parents we made acorns for the doors and hat hats to wear!

We learned about Diwali and friends who celebrate this holiday of light that recognizes the victory of good over evil shared some of their traditions with us.  We immediately made some connection.  Like other holiday of which we may be more familiar, there is light, family gathering, food, decorations and special dress.  Some holidays have gift giving too!

Students created colorful designs, similar to the Rangoli art that would be on the doorsteps of families celebrating Diwali.

We colored pictures representing Diwali

Diwali, a holiday of light is often celebrated with fireworks!  We created a fireworks page for Diwali as the beginning of our study of various holidays.

This week we introduced a new section for our Kindergarten News.  Each student will be adding the highlight of the week!  Illustrations and sentences will be recorded so students can communicate their favorite activity each week.

Mr. Lyons was impressed with everyone's writing and highlighted their efforts in his blog!

We explored leaves this week.  Mrs. Hoyt collected an assortment of leaves on the Pine Glen grounds.  Students each selected a leave and sketched it, measured it and then tested its ability to float!

We sang and danced about Witch's Brew and Flying Ghosts!

Ms. P visited us again.  This time she brought us 2 gerbils named Edgar and Allen.  They are very cute little mammals!  As we discovered they eat, need water, air and shelter and boy they move!  They are living!

We made bat hats with Luca's mom.  They look great!

Practicing letter identification and letter sounds with our telephones and pumpkin letters!

Ms. Marcus,  a teacher from the the school dept.'s IT department and former Pine Glen teacher, was in to read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. She generously donated a copy of the book to the class and also recorded herself reading it so we have another book in our QR code book nook!

We continue to observe that everybody reads! We are looking forward to our spooky flashlight reading session on Monday. Please remember to bring flashlights.

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