Saturday, December 3, 2016

4th Graders Collaborate To Help Us Learn About Informed Writing

We had another busy and fun week in room 103.  Students enjoyed sorting number cards to put them in correct order.  It gets tricky when Mrs. Hoyt asks us to sort numbers that are not consecutive!  Try sorting 7, 4, 6 and 2.

Our 4th grade friends returned with information to help us research about specific animals.  We read together, pulled out information and recorded our thoughts.  Future steps in our collaborative research project will involve writing notes for a short video and creating the artistic renditions of the animals we are researching!  Students were able to find lots of evidence that their animals are living creatures!

We also dance!  Dancing to the Nutcracker music was super fun.  Please see previous post for videos!

In addition to our ongoing 4th grade research project which helps us learn about informed writing, our coming weeks will be packed with more Nutcracker music and a trip to the ballet, sight word work, a study of various holidays and their similarities and a wrap up of learning all the lower case letters.

Parents -
-Thank you for meeting with us to discuss you wonderful children this week.  We love our jobs and enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you.

-Please return your child's Polar Express forms by Monday.

-We will be looking at winter plants.   If you have any interesting winter greens to share, please send in a small clipping.  Perhaps you have a live holiday tree.  If you have the bottom piece cut off, consider sending it in so we can count the rings to figure out how old it is!

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