Saturday, December 10, 2016

Coding, Creating and Celebrating

This past week we visited the 4th graders again as we continue to work with our friends to study animals.  Students collaborated to create images of their animal on the ipads using the Drawing Pad app.  Students will meet again next week to create masks and then to record their videos.  

We celebrated Hanukkah this week as we continue to study various holidays.  We learned about the similarities of other holidays and continue to note how light and hope and love are common threads along with family time and often music and decorations!

We learned about the dreidel game and the Menorah.

We also learned about a Tzedakah box from Izabella when she brought it in to share with classmates.

To recognize National Computer Science Education Week and The Hour of Code Program, Mr. Donoff was introduced us to coding.  We learned a new big word, Algorithm and then proceeded to practice the concept of directing the computer to do things with puzzles on the floor.  The highlight was utilizing the Chromebook and mouse to get the birds in the puzzle to move to catch the pig.

It was tricky at first as many of us are not familiar with using these tools, but everyone seemed to learn quickly.

You might wonder: Why code and how with kindergartners.  They loved it! Students utilized many skills to participate in this fun activity.  They had to think about how to solve a problem and then draw upon the ir coordination to move the mouse to make the computer follow steps.  The puzzles they the students complete become gradually more complex.  Working through these more complex situations help students develop grit, reasoning skills, and abstract thinking skills.

Also on Friday, we filled our popcorn jar again!  Students have voted on how we would like to celebrate this accomplishment.  We will be using our math skills next week to count the tally marks to discover what the vote results are.

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