Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Exploring Winter and Bowling with Robots - All Part of Our Innovation Day

We celebrated an innovation day at Pine Glen on December 21st.  Teachers were encouraged to do some exploratory activities that we do not otherwise have the time and ability to do.  Students in room 103 spent time working with friends in grade 4.  Yesterday we gathered and read a collection of Jan Brett books.  We concluded that many were winter themed and therefore spent today enjoying, studying and exploring winter themed activities!

We made hibernating bear heads and explored with a clay that feels like snow!

Snow Dough was super sticky.

We explored what keeps a polar bear warm.....blubber!  When we covered our hands with Crisco, we kept our hands warmers.

We decorated gingerbread men........Jan Brett did write a few gingerbread man books!

Snow Slime is super fun.

We attempted to build igloos with sugar cubes.

Students supported one another and worked very well together.  At times the experiences were quite messy but most did not mind.

This snow did not make the best snowballs!

We made top hats to wear.

The smells of cinnamon and peppermint from the various doughs were delicious!

After lunch we continued our day of innovation in the LTC and attempted technology bowling!  We used Ollie and an ipad to make it roll toward our marker bowling pins.  It was super fun!

A special thank you to the many volunteers who supported us in our adventures today!

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