Friday, January 6, 2017

Sharing and Caring...and Learning Fun!

 Returning from our December break we jumped into many new activities.  Our blanket, quilt and afghan project involves many speaking and sharing opportunities!  In addition, math skills of measurement, counting and geometry are practiced.  Sharing, patiently waiting turns and encouraging one another through these experiences continue to develop our social skills!

We learned that the area of Casey's blanket is 4 kindergartners lying down.  Utilizing non-standards tools to measure helps us increase our understanding of what we are measuring.  We are also developing our mathematical vocabulary as we discuss and compare our discoveries and observations!

A brief discussion about electricity and energy was had during morning meeting.  It was really cool to create a mini circuit that noisily lit up when we touched it!  As we held hands as a class we realized that the circuit must be closed  when we attempted to make the bulb light up as an entire class.  When someone let go, the light went out!

Students each brought home a tub of play-do to use to practice letter formation at home.  Mrs. Hoyt made some clay for students to practice forming letters in the classroom.  It is messy, but it sure is fun!

Sydney shared her blanket and revealed that she likes to build forts with it!

Sydney invited a couple of friends to help her measure the width and length of the blanket.

We must practice our counting with accuracy to ensure our measurements are correct.

Mrs. Hoyt helped us compared the number of rods wide (12) to the number of rods long (15).  We determined that the length had 3 more rods and is 3 rods longer than it is wide.

The highlight for each share is measuring the surface area.  This blanket's area is 9 kindergartners sitting up and one kindergartner lying down!

Sharing is caring and it certainly helps us build community, confidence and cameraderie!  After developing such warm feelings sharing our quilts we shared more about ourselves and have begun to create paper quilts that describe us.

We cut pieces of papers into triangles from pre-cut squares of foil, gift-wrap and construction paper.  As a team, a group of students made quilt squares.  Then they worked to design illustrations that represent the individual student.  Pictures represented favorite colors, destinations, aspirations and dreams.

We look forward to sharing our finished products in future posts!

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