Friday, January 6, 2017

We Are Writers!

Students in room 103 had a guest teacher in to share a story about when she was 5 years old and celebrating her birthday.  Literacy teacher, Renee Sacco excitedly told everyone about her birthday outing to Papa Gino's including lots of details about her outfit, the weather and her feelings on that day.  The enthusiasm she shared with the students was contagious and Ms. Sacco encouraged each of us to share a great story them remember with a friend.  We were all knee to knee facing each other and sharing our special story enthusiastically as teachers leaned in to listen!

Next Ms. Sacco shared that we are all writer and we all struggle at times to get our thoughts down on paper for various reasons.  We watched her struggle with organizing her thoughts and spelling challenging words.  When she completed writing the introduction to her story she asked us to share what we notice she did when she was stuck.

We were able to reflect that she did not give up and she utilized many strategies:

sound out words
circle words that you are unsure about 
keep going even if you do not know if you are writing it correctly
tap out the sounds
break the word into syllables and write the sounds in each syllable
remember seeing the word in our world
Do Your Best!

Equipped with these strategies and confidence in our own abilities, we could not wait to do some of our own writing and share the stories we had discussed! 

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