Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Community and Sharing

Each of Pine Glen's kindergarten classrooms utilizes the Responsive Classroom approach to building community.  This week we are expanding our sense of community and have joined with other K rooms for collaborative morning meetings.  These meetings involve greetings, sharing and a brief activity.

In addition, we have been working on writing.  Students took advantage of the sharing time by showing their peers the instructional posters and booklets they created.  Kindergarten authors were very proud to show their counterparts what they created!

We greet by introducing ourselves and shaking hands.

Students were great listeners as friends explained the steps involved in going to lunch, handling an emergency and checking out a library book.

Dancing was a highlight on our collaborative visits!  We love Tooty-ta and Marcarena Months!

Teachers gave us a challenge.  Perhaps we will right notes to one another at our post office.  It would be great to send some kind words complimenting each other's work!

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