Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Learning Through Play

The students in Room 103 had a wonderful time today!  Pine Glen Kindergarten celebrated Global School Play Day! All kindergarten students commented on how FUN it was. They enjoyed the freedom to make their own choices and play whatever they wanted. The two hour event flew by quickly. The discussions at lunch were all about how they LOVED their morning playing.  Mrs. Hoyt was tackled with a hug from an appreciative student! Children need time to PLAY! 

There was quite a Hullabaloo over some of the fun games!

We built castles, mazes, and scenes of Egypt wtih carboard and wooden blocks!

We were puzzled but persevered to complete this challenge!

Connections were made.

The clay created a fun but sticky situation.

An Etch-o-sketch is a great way to illustrate our ideas.

The games were anything but boring!


Mission Accomplished!

Though our morning was unstructured,many staff were involved supporting and modeling communication and social skills.  Students practiced cooperation, turn taking and respect of differences.  Our mathematical counting skills and abilities to notice similarities and differences were reinforced too!  We also worked on caring for our own and others equipment and cleaning up after ourselves.

So many communication/interpersonal skills are needed to play cooperatively. We were very proud of our students today.

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